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3 Steps to a bright, flawless base to your under eye (makeup)

by aritabains
arita bains

I have been in the pursuit of finding the “perfect” product(s) to get that bright, flawless base for the under eye that has been all over my IG and TikTok haha. I have watched so many influencers and beauty “experts” etc trying to find the common product they all say is that miracle one!

After all the videos and research (including trial an error wasting time and a small fortune on products that weren’t the holy grail), I realised that its as much (if not more), to do with technique as it does with the actual products used. No matter what product you buy, how you apply it will make all the difference.

So lets start with the actual products that I have found that work really well with minimal effort to give that bright, smooth, crease free under eye.

4 products to a bright, flawless base

Maybelline Concealer

The Maybelline Eraser Multi use concealer is my favourite. I have tried so many concealers and I always keep coming back to this one. I have found that the consistency of this concealer is less thick and “lumpy” compared to others I have tried. It dries quickly but not so quick that it looks dry and streaky under your eyes. And I LOVE how easily it blends. It retails for about £6 on amazon.

Synthetic Brush

I like to use a synthetic brush to blend out the concealer. I prefer a synthetic brush because it doesn’t soak up a lot of the concealer so you get maximum product for the application of it under your eyes. I like the brush from Real Techniques sold on Amazon (£8).

Huda Beauty Loose Powder (banana bread)

This has been such a process. I have tried every powder that I have seen advertised, reviewed by influencers etc and this is the only powder that doesn’t leave my under eye area looking dry and disastrous. This powder is so light, its smooths over concealer so easily and leaves your skin including your under eye bright (no dark circles), and crease free (which has been the hardest thing for me). I tap it over my cheek area as well, where I have more visible pores, and it instantly blurs it to leave my skin looking more airbrushed and smooth. You can get it at Cult Beauty for about £34.

Triangle Powder Puffs

Ok, I think I have told you about these before but they need to be mentioned again, as these are now an integral part of my makeup application. These little triangles don’t look like much, on first glance but looks can indeed be deceiving haha. I use the little triangle puffs to set/powder the under eye. It allows better control of the amount of powder you apply so it doesn’t end up too cakey. Remember I did say its also about the application technique, so keep reading on how to apply the powder with these. These are easily found on Amazon retailing for about £4.

Lets get into the technique

flawless base

Apply concealer – step 1 to a bright flawless base to your under eye

The application of the concealer is so important as it lays the foundation/base for how flawless your under eye looks at the end.Once iv applied my foundation, I add concealer to the inner and outer corners of my eyes (to give a more lifted appearance and this also decreases the chance of it creasing into your fine lines in the centre of your under eye area. I leave this as is, for a few minutes while I contour etc. I then come back in with the synthetic brush (or my trigwell triangle puff that I use to apply foundation), and I blend out the concealer. If you’re blending with the brush, I go in afterwards with the puff (lightly damp) and I lightly tap into skin under my eye to smooth that out. I leave that in for a couple of minutes to completely dry and settle into the skin. Then…

Time to Set

Its now time for the powder, Now this is where things would go very wrong for me! First check that at this point your concealer is smooth and crease free (use puff to lightly tap to smooth out if needed). Then take one of the small triangle puffs, lightly dampened ( I spritz with setting spray to dampen). Tap the puff into the Huda powder (the pointy side of the puff) and tap off the excess powder on the back of your hand. Now press into your under eye but almost in rolling motion. So tap /press and roll, then take away from your eye. Go back in and press and roll. Do this all the way up to your temple area (to create a lifted effect), and also down the sides of your nose. I do the same thing on my cheek area closest to my nose , as this is where I have more visible pores and the powder helps blur those pores and smooth out my skin.

My top tip, is to start off light. By this I mean, when you start off with concealer and/or powder, use a little in the beginning. Add a little concealer, blend, followed by a light touch of powder. Its easier to get used to application, and the chances of things going wrong are less, when you go in with a little. Once you get used to it, you can adjust to suit the amount you are comfortable with.

Thats my advice on the best products and easiest techniques to getting that bright, flawless base to your under eye (makeup) that we all want.

Remember to have fun with makeup and do what makes you feel the most confident.


Arita X

arita bains

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