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We are talking all things facials today. Believe me when I say, I have tried ALOT of products and procedures, including fillers (no botox…yet:)), and so I come to you armed with great advice and tips. I have tips for non invasive, more regular treatments as well as more invasive treatments (fillers). Here we go:)

The exfoliating facials

Regardless of what other treatments you opt for (or not), I believe that getting a good exfoliating facial at least once a month, does wonders for the skin. A good, gentle exfoliating facial once a month is an excellent way to keep the pores clear, remove dead skin cells and keep skin rosey and glowing. Generally these facials combine steaming, deep exfoliation and extraction to open up clogged pores and draw out oil and debris. I highly recommend these as the “entry level” to facial treatments. Click to Start your treatments today!

best exfoliating facials

Blue Peel Radiance

These facials are slightly less “relaxing” but that much more effective with almost immediate results. The blue peel radiance is the treatment you want to have to address the concerns of fine lines and wrinkles, rough, uneven skin, blemishes and mild to moderate photo ageing. When I went in to have mine done (it was prior to me beginning the Obagi treatment as this helped accelerate the results), it took all of about 20 minutes, some mild burning sensation can be felt but nothing I panicked about at all. The “burning” stopped immediately as soon as the doctor wiped the area off with some water (which neutralises the acids).The doctor and the products do all the work, really. I just laid back, and Dr Sheridan applied the product, waited a while and wiped it off after a certain amount of time. She did keep checking with me if it was burning excessively at any point and if I felt it was increasing in intensity, she wiped it off to neutralise it. This peel is fantastic to kick start your skincare journey. It starts working from the first day and kicks skin exfoliation up a notch. Give Dr Sheridan a call to get the best service possible. She is the best in the biz imo, and I trust her implicitly.

Blue Peel Radiance Facials

LED Light Therapy Facials

LED light therapy is a relatively new and revolutionary technique used in skin/facial treatments. The lights penetrate the layers of your skin and that encourages collagen to grow, helps with skin repair and provides anti-bacterial qualities to fight acne. One of my favourite things about this treatment (apart from the great results), is that its painless and non-invasive and such a fab way to refresh and rejuvenate your skin.


So finally we come to the F word…Fillers. I know this is a very sensitive, controversial topic with some but I am all about do what makes you feel your best (as long as it doesn’t hurt anyone). Im going to admit (at my peril) that I love a bit of filler. I love the subtle addition of filler where it still looks natural but enhances your own features. Another admission – I have had filler injected to my lips (obvious), cheeks (once), hollows of my cheeks (once) and laugh lines(twice). Due to weight loss over the years, my face looked sunken and hollow so I added filler to fill them out and look more refreshed and healthier. My lips, I get done about twice a year now.

Pre Filler Prep

About 3-5 days before my filler appointment, I take Arnica tablets as well as a hay fever tablet each morning. (I take Arnica as directed on bottle). These help prevent or minimise swelling and bruising (I do still get a little of both).

During your Appointment

The only advice I have for this is to remember to breathe and I squeeze anything I can from the chair to my handbag just to get through it (as I have a bit of a needle phobia haha). Its really just the needle pricks that hurt a bit but after that there’s no pain. Im just a wuss lol.

Post Filler

I usually use some arnica cream for the next day or so just to decrease any swelling and bruising I may have.

Dr Sheridan France does an excellent job at making her patients feel at ease and comfortable. She is also big on getting very natural looking results so I never worry about looking too “over filled” . She is the best of the best imo. Get your facials/peels and fillers etc from Dr Sheridan.

Now that I have armed you with the need to know info on kickstarting your skin care journey, I will leave it up to you to decide which of the 4 you think is worth a try. I hope you also come back on here and let me know how it goes for you.

Heres to facials and fillers!

Luv, Arita X

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