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4 Steps to Clear Acne Prone Skin

by aritabains
hello again beauties!

That 4 letter word we hate and so many of us are plagued with – Acne! When I was a teenager (and young adult), I did have acne prone skin and so I have been trying acne “solutions” from a very young age. I used to think it was all about finding that “magic” product to combat acne, but I eventually came to realise that its about the overall skincare routine more than just one holy grail product. I think I have found a combination of steps to follow, that work together to keep pores unblocked, balance ph of the skin and target any existing/upcoming acne. Do not give up now, keep reading and all will be revealed:) X

Acne prone skin needs this rescue mask!

Origins out of trouble rescue mask

As you can tell from my video (above), I am a fan of this rescue mask from Origins. After a month of using this (twice a week), I am a total believer. This mask really does live up to its name and gets your skin “out of trouble! It has such calming ingredients and you can feel the cooling sensations as soon as you apply it to your face. I use a brush to apply as the mask is quite a thick consistency. Leave on for just 10 minutes and then I move on to step 2 (up next).

Origins Out of Trouble Mask

Cleanse Cleanse & Cleanse some more!

Double cleansing is a non negotiable must! I cannot emphasise enough how much of a game changer this process is.I also did an entire more in depth post on these products etc so please go over and give that a read:) In addition to using these 2 products, how you use these is equally important. What do I mean by how? By this I mean, how you actually apply them to your face. With the Elemis Balm, I apply with dry hands to my face and then use the fabulous Halo Pads (you have got to have these in your skincare routine) to gently rub this into my skin. Once iv got this balm all over my skin, I rinse off with warm water.

Next part of the cleansing process is to use the CeraVe cleanser. Again, like with the balm, apply to your face. Then I use the, equally much needed, Silicone Facial Cleansing brush. This little brush helps to get the products into your skin while also gently exfoliating. It is such a difference maker! This step alone with help tremendously with acne prone skin. Don’t wait, don’t stop for a coffee, get the store or online (even better) and get these today!

Treatment for Acne Prone Skin

The third and final step in my routine wrt acne prone skin, is the treatment stage/step. Here we come to the products(s) that are created/formulated to treat acne. Im sure most (if not all) of us who have been plagued with acne, can name a whole host of products that we have tried, that claim to treat acne. I sure can! And some have worked a bit, most not at all…until now! I have found the 2 products that have been PHENOMENAL (and I dont use that word lightly), in working magic to treat acne.

I have used Acnecide for years and on its own, its been above average. It does enough to keep acne under control and until recently, was the best product that I found to work on my skin. But then I discovered Murad acne treatment gel. And this blew my mind! For the first time something actually got to work almost immediately after you apply it onto spots. It dries it within hours or overnight (depending on how big and bad the zit is). I feel a zit coming up (you know the ones I’m talking about, where they are under the skins surface just waiting to rear their ugly heads), and I apply a tiny bit on the area, and I have found that most times, the upcoming zit, went away, and never had a chance to pop through. Because I’m a bit extra (generally), I double up and use both of these on the odd zit that pops up. These 2 products used together ensure that any spots that appear, disappear just as quick. I feel like this double up action is the way to go haha.

These are the steps I have in my daily routine for clear, healthier looking skin. All of these products are also easily found on Amazon (prime delivery of course). What are you waiting for? Go fill up your cart and say “no more” to acne prone skin!

Arita Bains

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