5 reasons why Mauritius needs to be the next place you travel to…

by aritabains

Mauritius…my absolute favourite vacation to date. Yes I have been to some amazing places so far, France, Disneyworld, NYC, India and the list goes on but this beautiful island took a piece of my heart. Mauritius was the very first proper vacation that Mike and I took together (admittedly that plays a part in making this such a special vacation for me). He met me at the airport straight after work, they were just about ready to close the boarding gates just as Mike arrived (usual hahaha). We rushed onto the plane and strapped ourselves into our seats just in time for take off. Next stop…paradise island!

I didn’t plan any aspect of the vacation so Mauritius would be a whole new adventure for me. We landed, it was definitely one of, if not the easiest airport experiences iv had to date. We only had hand luggage (beach vacations don’t require a lot of clothing so we packed light;-), our car was waiting for us when we got out of the airport so it was as easy as could be. I remember so clearly, getting out of the airport and feeling the sun on my face and that tropical breeze that was so familiar to me having grown up in Durban.

The drive to the hotel was about 30-40 minutes long. Finally we got to the hotel. (if you follow /read my blog and previous posts, you will see that I use this sentence ALOT. Im not the biggest fan of long car rides etc, I would prefer to click my heels and on the count of 3, arrive at my destination). We arrive at the stunning Intercontinental Balaclava Resort, which has again been voted as one of the best hotels in Mauritius. And for good reason too, as this place is breathtaking. From the moment we arrive the service is brilliant. Our bags are promptly taken from the car to our room, check in was seamless with a welcome signature fruity tamarind cocktail, that was delicious. The entrance where we sat sipping on the cocktails and signing in for check in, overlooked the ocean, and if you aren’t in vacation mode when you get there, the sound and smell of the ocean will definitely put you in the mood. Our room was beautiful, modern, spacious with a work area as well as a little coffee area to enjoy our morning brew together and we overlooked the ocean so we were able to sit on the balcony enjoying the island breeze and magical views.

The resort itself is set up in such way that you actually never have to leave the area. If you are looking for a vacation filled with lazy days at the beach/pool, great food in all directions (seafood, Indian, Chinese etc), romantic walks and if you want to explore further out, easy to hire cabs to take you wherever you need to get to, this place has it all.

First lets talk food. Our favourite restaurant there was The Segala, a Mediterranean restaurant that served great food including the freshest seafood you can get. We also quite enjoyed our experience at Veda, an Indian restaurant that had delicious Indian food that definitely hits the spot if you are craving a bit of spice:). There are 2 bars at the resort but Sugar Cane Bar quickly became our hang out spot with evening cocktails, live music and lots of laughs. I can remember those nights like it was yesterday. They were perfect, a moment in time that ill never forget.

We spent a lot of time laying on the beach and by the pool, having cocktails and eating hahaha. Usually I would like to see more as just laying on the beach all day, doesn’t really do it for me, but there’s something about the energy of Mauritius and the never-ending views that you easily get lost in, that makes the entire experience peaceful and serene. Just what we all could use at various points in our lives, given how crazy life can be.

One of the must see attractions of Mauritius is of course Chamarels 7 colored earth. Its a natural phenomenon and a huge tourist attraction. Its a small area of sand dunes consisting of seven colours (red, yellow, brown, blue, purple, violet and green). Whats more fascinating is the fact that if you mix the colored sands together, they’ll eventually settle back into separate layers. Its quite special to see. Make sure to try and visit at sunrise as that the best time to see it. Theres also a kids play area and giant tortoises on the premises if you have little ones.

Chamarel’s coloured earth

We couldn’t leave Mauritius without visiting the most important /sacred place for hindus..the Ganga Talao lake. It boasts one of the largest statues in the world, of the hindu God Shiva. It really is a sight to see. When I first heard of it, to be honest I thought “eh, its just another statue, just bigger” but standing in front of it, in the surreal setting of the lake etc is quite a special, sacred experience. When you enter Ganga Talao, you see a huge beautiful on the lake /water. People travel from all over the country and the world to visit the lake. There is something (dare I say it), “magical” and sacred about this place. If nothing else it definitely takes you out of the hustle and bustle of life and gets you to be present and appreciate the moment.

Ganga Talao

Lets go out tonight…

As I mentioned, we were happy beach bums on this trip for the most part. We did, however go out for dinner in town and then drinks (a bit of bar hopping) afterwards. I cannot for the life of me remember any of the names of the bars or the restaurant for that matter (except the manager/owner of the restaurant offered us a little drink with him just as we were leaving. It was so strong I couldn’t finish it so I palmed it off to Mike:)). That was just the beginning of the night, its all a blur from there hahaha. I can recommend one of the best beach bars and must go to places in Mauritius, Grand Baie to be precise. So don’t worry I still got you covered. The Beach House is a casual bar with a touch of elegance to it. As the name suggests its set on the beach so the views while sipping on cocktails (which are really really REALLY good here), are breathtaking. I would recommend visiting here for cocktails and snacks. The main dishes here are ridiculously expensive in my opinion so I wouldn’t recommend blowing your meal budget here for rather basic pub food. The cocktails though are divine and well worth it.

Mauritius is such a magical place. Its perfect for families, people wanting to get away and get some time to themselves and of course couples. Its one of the most romantic places. The hotel and staff were amazing even organising a little something special with roses, bubbly etc in our room to welcome us. Every place we went to, had warm, friendly service, which made us feel so welcome, another testament to the people of this beautiful island.

Mauritius, you were the beginning of so many wonderful memories and moments. Memories that I will hold on to forever. This won’t be the last you see of us though, we will be back to our little slice of heaven..where the first adventure in a lifetime full of adventures to come, began.

Thank you. Mersi

Love, Arita X

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