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Acne at bay in 5 steps

by aritabains

acne banishing tips
Arita Bains

Acne is the grinch who steals skin beauty. A good skincare routine is imperative to healthy, bouncy, glowing skin that keeps its youthful appearance. There really is little point to getting the best makeup etc, if your skin isn’t the healthiest it can be. Acne is one of the most common skin issues that most of us have been plagued with.

I have tried and tested hundreds of products over the years in the pursuit of the healthiest skin I can possibly have. It is during this pursuit, that I discovered a few of my “holy grail” products that have helped to completely transform my skin and stop 99% of my acne! I have had bouts of acne ever since I can remember. The acne treatment creams that I have used for years helped to an extent (to get rid of those annoying spots once they were already there). However iv never found a product(s) and routine that actually stopped acne from popping up… until now!

To start things off, I have to say that I kickstarted my skin health with Obagi treatment products! That totally transformed and prepared my skin for my daily skincare routine. (read all about Obagi in my previous post here )

Cleanse, Baby, Cleanse.

Keep skin clean and unclogged for an acne free canvas.

Obviously we all know that cleansing is important right? And most of us do and have been using various face washes to cleanse our faces. I have found, however, that the type of cleanser you use, is very important. Elemis Oil cleanser and the CeraVe hydrating cream to foam Cleanser are my go to daily cleansers. I use both of these to double cleanse. Double cleansing is key so please make sure to use these (or whatever your current face cleanser is), to double cleanse and allow your skin and pores the best chance at absorbing all the goodness to come. Of course, as we all know, keeping pores clear and unclogged is key to keeping acne away. Elemis is sold on Amazon.

acne fighting products
acne fighting products

Is toner important?

Here we talk about how toner can help with acne reduction

In a nutshell – Yes!! Absolutely vital. During my Obagi treatment period, my doctor emphasised how important toner is, as it prepares you skin and allows it to absorb the products we put on our skin. Proper absorption will give the products the best chance to get in there and work their magic. I have been obsessed with finding the perfect toner for me, one that balances the skins PH levels, does not dry out my skin, does not burn on the skin etc. Elemis, (I do not work for Elemis, I promise haha;), balancing lavender toner has been fantastic for my skin. Just by keeping your skins PH balance, helps reduce acne. You can find Elemis or the Pixi toner (which is also good) on Amazon as well as Boots.

acne fighting toners

Is your skin thirsty? Hydration is key to keeping acne away

I can’t say enough about moisturising (which is probably why I keep banging on about it:-D) Like people (some more than others haha), Your skin should never be thirsty. Well hydrated skin is at the heart of great looking skin. Apart from a great moisturiser (I love Drunk Elephant), Hyaluronic acid (serum) was the single best thing I added to my skincare routine (if I need to pick 1). I love love the La Roche Posay serum. It is like giving your skin a tall glass of cool water. It leaves my skin so soft, hydrated and supple.

Hyaluronic acid serum

Does your skin really benefit from acids?

It may sound odd that you would need to add acids to your skin right? But certain acids are actually very good to help with exfoliation etc and therefore excellent to get and keep your skin younger looking and healthy. The “buffet” serum from the ordinary is brilliant. This little bottle has helped to target signs of ageing and has therefore left my skin looking smoother, younger and overall more healthy. It has also helped to stop my skin being oily and I have definitely noticed a huge decrease in acne with the buffet serum alone.

I hope you try these tips and products and you have as much luck with them as I have:)

Luv, Arita X

skincare tips
Arita Bains

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