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by aritabains

I have always been quite interested in makeup and skincare, but the older you get, the more you start to really get into researching what that perfect “magic bullet” is to get your skin looking healthy and glowing from within. And I am no different in that regard. I have spent countless hours and a small fortune in the pursuit of finding the “perfect” products for my skin and after 3 months of having been on the Amazing Obagi Transformation Kit (click this link to read all about it in my previous post), I am now in the maintenance phase and have gone full on into a rigid daily skincare routine.

So what are my must have skincare holy grail products? Well to begin I must mention that I maintain the results of the Obagi treatment by now using the products twice a week. On those 2 days, I use nothing else except the Obagi products, on my face. This ensures continued treatment for fine lines, hyperpigmentation, to smoothen skin etc.

Now for the products I use on a daily basis to maintain acne free, smooth, healthy skin with a glow.

  1. Cleanser

You would think all cleansers are created equal right? Wrong! I have tried many cleansers over the years (mostly popular yet low cost cleansers), thinking they’re all the same and “clean” your skin equally. Was I wrong! I now use 2 different cleansers. One is an oil based cleanser/balm. I love the Elemis Pro Collagen Balm. Its texture helps to literally melt the makeup and daily impurities on your skin, leaving it so clean and soft. Once I cleanse with the balm (use with dry hands on dry skin), I then double cleanse with the Cera Ve Cream to Foam Cleanser which is a gentle yet effective cleanser to cleanse and moisturise your skin. FYI, if you don’t want to or find the balm a bit pricey, you can absolutely just use the Cere Ve cleanser. All you need to do is double cleanse with the Cera Ve. Trust me, double cleansing makes all the difference!

2. Tone Tone Tone

I laugh at the thought now but once upon a time, I believed that toning was just a scam haha. Just something the beauty “experts” told us was a must do, in order to sell more product. But I am now a convert to toner. Toner helps clear out the last bit of impurities and makeup on the skin in addition to helping balance the PH of the skin, getting it prepped to fully absorb all the goodness of the lotions and potions we are about to lather onto our skin. In addition to the Obagi toner that I use twice a week (which is fantastic), I love the Pixi Rose Tonic and the Elemis Balancing Lavender Toner. I have found both of these to be great, but prefer the Elemis for my skin.

best toners 2022

3. Serums for Day

I used to simply use a good moisturiser/day cream, and thought that was me done and my skin hydrated but as time goes on, and as we know better, we do better. I have since, adjusted my skincare routine to add all the things it needs to stay plump, hydrated, smooth and as healthy as can be. I use different serums for the day and night as our skins requirements during day and night vary. In the morning, after toning I add a healthy dose of La Roche-Posay Hyalu B5 Hyaluronic Acid Serum which is the absolute best imo, to hydrate the skin. It is formulated to intensely hydrate and repair the skin from day 1. Tip: I also use this as a base for my makeup. It creates a great base for flawless makeup. I use this serum twice a day, both morning and at night. I follow this up with a Vitamin C serum. I love the Viola Skin Vitamin C serum. Vitamin C is amazing for brightening and smoothing the skins complexion while helping repair sun damage and evening skin tone. After this, I layer with a Peptide Serum. The concentrated formula boasts multiple peptide complexes, including Matrixyl 3000, Syn-Ake and Relistase, which work in synergy with 11 skin-friendly amino acids. Simply put, this serum is formulated to target early signs of ageing and with regular use, to plump and replenish skin. I then use the cult favourite moisturiser by Drunk Elephant to add that last big hit of moisture to my skin. and keep it soft, supple and hydrated all day long. I obviously end with sunscreen. Guys, never skip the sunscreen. It is so very important for skin health.

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4. Serums for night

Our skin repairs, restores/renews itself at night. So the products we use at night are very important to aid the skin in doing its thing with the best support it can get (skin care products, water and sleep :). As I said earlier in this post, I use the La Roche-Posay Hyalu B5 Hyaluronic Acid Serum in the morning as well as at night (after cleansing and toning). I then add the Herbivore Prism 12% AHA and 3% BHA Exfoliating Glow Serum. The acids in this serum (AHAs and BHAs), create a chemical exfoliation process that frees clogged pores of dead skin cell build-up, daily impurities and pollution particles.This gently exfoliates the skin to reveal and maintain clear, smooth, even toned and glowing skin. Just 5-7 drops at night does wonders. The next product that has been an absolute GAME CHANGER is the Retinol Serum by Inkey List. Retinol helps to promote skin renewal and enhance collagen production, leaving you with plump, brighter and younger looking skin. I haven’t had any irritation with this (and I have sensitive skin). You may get a little bit of peeling every now and then , that’s normal and just means its working and doing a good job;). I, of course, layer this with a Night Moisturiser. I use the very popular (and popular for a reason ), moisturiser from Caudalie. Built around their patented viniferine complex – an extract from vine stalks that’s clinically proven to be 62 times more effective than vitamin C for brightening skin – this line helps to clear the complexion and reduce pigmentation, correcting existing dark spots and prevent the appearance of new ones.Its great to keep your skin hydrated through the night while it works on improving and repairing the skin while you sleep. And finally I end my night time regimen with Rosehip Oil. Rosehip Oil is fantastic to moisturise, hydrate, boost collagen production, help reduce inflammation, help protect against inflammation and sun damage as well as reduce hyperpigmentation. With this wide array of benefits, it is a must in your skincare arsenal.

Night Serums

And there we have it, beauties. The total set of products that I use and love that has helped to totally transform my skin and keep it as healthy and glowing as possible. Before we lay on the makeup (and I’m totally a makeup girl), its important to get our skin as healthy as possible. Not only does it increase our confidence overall when we go makeup free (which i also love), but it actually makes makeup application easier and the overall look and finish of the makeup is flawless.

Let me know your thoughts on these products and/or which serums are your favourites so I can give them try and perhaps do a review/mention too:)

Happy July Hunnies

Love, Arita X

arita bains

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