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by aritabains

Obagi Skincare

About 5 months ago, I was at my skin doctor (Dr Sheridan, the absolute best in the biz:)). I was getting a little filler done (ssshhh…) and she suggested I try this product that has been around for over 30 years and she said she found it to be the only product/brand that truly worked in transforming skin from the inside. She explained that “Obagi” was a skincare brand with products that are only available via prescription, and these products worked to transform the skin by stimulating skin cell turnover to optimise overall skin quality. While fillers etc are great for certain purposes, and in small doses, nothing substitutes healthy, glowing skin from the inside.

Obagi Skincare

I was sceptical at first, but I trust Dr Sheri and I knew that if she recommended it, it was worth a try. So, of course I asked her to please order the kit for me. The kit consists of 7 products and then you need to purchase a tretanoin product separately as well. Together all these cost about £550 (£450 for kit + £100 for the tretanoin). The entire transformation “course” takes 18 weeks from start to finish and personally, I had to replace the kit once midway through the course (although I still have product left that I am now using as part of the maintenance process).

Now lets talk about the effects (ohhh boy). We have to remember that we are stimulating cell turnover (which slows down year after year from our 20s). I had heavily researched Obagi, their claims, reviews online including what people had said they had experienced every week while on the treatment. So I broadly knew what I could expect but of course everyone’s skin reacts differently to products and my skin is quite sensitive and has odd reactions to products that everyone else may give rave reviews about so I was nervous (to say the least:)).

Within the first 2 weeks the peeling started. Initially it was light peeling but some days, Mike (hubby:), was like “why is your face falling off today honey?” hahaha. You will go through periods, and some days are worse than others for whatever reason, where your face will be peeling all over, makeup will look awful as it looks scaly on your (scaly, peeling) skin, it gets really dry so its quite itchy as well. (I know you’re probably reading this thinking, “good God, I don’t want any part of this”) , but please keep reading. You will probably change your mind:).

The Peeling and flushed skin about 2 months in.

The peeling, for me, to be honest lasted pretty much throughout the process (18 weeks), however heavy peeling was only for about 2 months or so. Towards the last few weeks of the treatment, my skin looked flushed all the time but any scars, hyperpigmentation, uneven skin tone etc, had nearly completely gone. (I didn’t have major scarring etc to begin with, so it may take longer for some people to see results, if skin issues are different).

Once your skin looks flushed/pink (with little to no peeling), you are getting to the “glow” stage. I call it the glow stage, as the peeling (mostly) stops and your skin feels tight and lifted, fine lines are diminished or gone and your skin looks healthy, bouncy with a subtle glow. I had deep “laugh lines” due to weight loss over the years so my face sunk in and I would have filler to fill out those laugh lines because nothing else had worked but Obagi has nearly erased these lines (as it also stimulates collagen so your skin naturally plumps up ). It is particularly noticeable when I have makeup on, as my foundation used to eventually set into the laugh lines but that’s almost gone now. My skin feels firm and bouncy to the touch.

I must also mention that before I started (about a week before), Dr Sheri advised that I should have the Obagi Blue Radiance peel done. Its a light, quick peel that gently exfoliates the top most layer of your skin thereby allowing for the Obagi products/treatment to penetrate and start working quicker.

Im now in the Maintenance Phase (yess, we made it through to the end, scales and all haha). The Maintenance phase, is basically using the products as you were using them throughout the treatment process, but only twice a week.

To sum it all up, in my experience, I have tried every kind of serum and cream, and a little filler as well and while some helped more than others, and to a certain extent, the ONLY way to truly transform your skin health is from the inside out. Obagi is amazing to peel back the years, quite literally. Factors like the sun, poor skin care when we were in our 20s, weight loss, poor makeup (habits) like sleeping with your makeup on and lets be honest, time (age), affects our skin and I have found that this kit is brilliant to transform the skin and get it working like it did when we were younger.

You can go to Obagi website to read more about them and find a good doctor that you trust to take a look at your skin and prescribe if necessary and appropriate for you. You cannot get these without prescription as your doctor needs to prescribe the products and amounts that you need to use based on their assessment of your skin needs. My experience with this system has been fantastic. If you stick to it religiously, including using sunscreen everyday and avoid the sun while on the system, you could be looking at fresher, plumper, healthier skin in a few months.

Important tip: While on the system, no other face products except Obagi products should be used. Another tip that Dr Sheri gave me was to try and not use the moisturiser unless my skin is very dry and its necessary to use it, as the exfoliating process is easier and quicker without the added layer of moisturiser. (the Obagi moisturiser is excellent to help with the dry skin though btw;)).

I hope you guys enjoyed the new post and I really hope that if you choose to give this a go, it makes you feel as wonderful as it did me.

Till next time,

Love, Arita X

Arita Bains

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