Makeup & Skincare to Transform your Eyes

by aritabains
Makeup and skincare for the eyes

Makeup & Skincare to Transform your Eyes

Eyeshadow Primer

So now we get into the makeup that will transform your eyes! Believe it or not, I didn’t use eyeshadow primer for the longest time (I thought it was just a gimmick to get us to buy more stuff tbh! haha). But after having tried it, I am now a convert for sure. I have found that it definitely makes for easier application and longer lasting eyeshadow. I use the primer from Allbestaye. It only costs approx £7 and lasts forever (as you dont need a whole lot). Get yours here.

eyeshadow primer - makeup and skincare to transform your eyes

Mascara for those long curly lashes

 I don’t think there’s a woman out there who hasn’t searched for that “miracle” mascara that actually does what it says on the packaging and the ads – give you long, curly lashes. With all the money iv spent searching for “perfect makeup products”, I could have probably bought a whole new face by now hahahaha. I think part of the issue is that some people (certainly models on these ads), may have naturally longer, thicker lashes to begin with, and this helps A lot when you apply mascara. So considering my eyes looked very bald before (before I started the serum, continue reading to find out the fab serum that transformed my lashes), I dont think any mascara would have been able to perform the miracles that the ads promised But The Huda Beauty Legit Lashes mascara is fabulous. It has been the best so far for me before and certainly after the lash serum transformation.

This is a dual ended mascara. The bigger brush gives you the most fabulous, long, clump free voluminous lashes, while the smaller end is amazing for the bottom lashes. Its honestly the first time I have noticed a mascara alone giving me the noticeable difference that usually, only falsies provide. There is a mini version of this to try at £14 so I would suggest get the mini one if you’re still a bit unsure and try it for yourself before you spend the bigger £££’s 🙂 Get yours here

Best recommended mascara

Makeup to transform your eyes – Half Lashes

We cannot go through makeup and skincare to transform your eyes, without mentioning one of my fave products – false lashes…half lashes to be precise. I discovered half lashes about a year ago and I am obsessed. It helps to give you that sexy cat-eye look and with the addition of the “siren” eyeshadow application, your eyes pop and scream glamour! Remember to get the Duo glue to stick the lashes on and you can find the lashes for just £5.99 at Amazon.

Half lashes - makeup to transform your eyes

Eyeshadow Pads – A must have product

Now we come to one of my absolute hero products. These eyeshadow pads are such a simple idea, so inexpensive to get but they changed my eyeshadow application. These give you the cleanest, most precise application for your eyeshadow. I love these for siren eyes but also for applying winged eyeliner. You really need to get these into your makeup bag asap. You simply stick them under your eyes, then, do your eyeshadow/ liner application and once you’re done, remove these as you will see what a world of difference these make. Try them, they changed my life (is that too dramatic to say? haha).

For under £7 for 100 of these, what do you really have to lose? Get yours at Amazon.

makeup and skincare to transform your eyes - eyeshadow pads

Skincare to transform your eyes – Caffeine Solution

Now this is a little miracle in a bottle. The caffeine solution from The Ordinary is freaking amazing! It is fantastic to treat tired, puffy eyes. For us girls who also suffer from those dreaded dark circles under the eyes, this works wonders! Theres now no need to not watch that extra episode on Netflix because this solution will make sure you look like you got your 8 hours of sleep:) It also retails for only £6.40 so get your now here.

skincare to transform your eyes - caffeine solution

Skincare to transform your eyes – Lash Serum

Ok, I am beyond excited to tell you guys about this product. I absolutely, 100% did NOT believe that lash serums worked. I was hesitant on spending money on something that I was convinced was just a gimmick. But I was WRONG! I kept seeing ads for UKlash and finally after doing a lot of research on them (everything from trust pilot reviews to YouTube to social media ) and I finally came to the decision that this was worth a try. I am honestly shocked at the difference in m y lashes in 3 months. it is like night and day. Just apply this every night (you have got to be religious about it) and watch them lashes grow! 🙂

lash serum

And there we have it – the makeup and skincare products to transform your eyes. I do hope you try these and let me know your experience with them. Happy face painting luvs X

Love, Arita X

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