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Welcome to my world....Where Beauty & Luxury are a way of life

My name is Arita Bains and this is my world of beauty, travel, food, fashion and fun. I love travelling the world and discovering new places, meeting new people, trying new foods and of course all the fashion, beauty and lifestyle trends from around the world. Traveling has taught me so much and I have discovered that you can find hidden (inexpensive) gems anywhere you go in the world, you just need to know where to look. Thats where I can help:) I have discovered, (with the help of people iv met along the way, family, friends and my amazing husband, who's a travel enthusiast), how to travel and plan amazing trips without breaking the bank. From accommodation, packing, food, shopping and local activities/sightseeing, I will be sharing my experiences, makeup and beauty tips and best travel secrets with you. Join me on my journey as I explore the world...one beautiful country, one beauty trend, at a time!

Happy Travels and Heres to living your best life!

Arita Bains

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This months beauty must haves

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skin and beauty travel essentials

Elemis Balancing Toner & Exfoliating Cotton Rounds

One of the things I have learned from my travels regarding my skin, is that as beautiful as the tropical destinations are with their gorgeous weather, it does take a toll on the skin. Giving your skin a chance to breathe ie. less makeup etc is very important but good skincare is imperative.

These cotton rounds are great to exfoliate the skin and clear away residual makeup and also allows the toner to do its job.

I LOVE the Elemis Balancing toner as it seems to work fantastically at balancing my skins Ph levels and has really been a key step in eliminating almost all breakouts. (trust me breakouts have been plaguing me for all my life and I have tried almost everything to keep it under control).

Elemis costs: £26
Cotton rounds : £1 (superdrug)


Eyeshadow Pads

These little half moon shaped pads are a GAME CHANGER for makeup (eyeshadow to be specific), application. They have made all the difference in neater and more precise eyeshadow application especially when doing the siren eye look.

On vacation, even if I have just my skin care products on (no makeup), I simply do my eye makeup using the eyeshadow pads, half lashes , bit of blush and highlighter and I'm good for the day.

Its amazing what a big difference just doing your eye makeup has in looking more put together, even without a stitch of makeup on!

you can get 100 of these for under £7


beauty travel essentials

Charlotte Tilbury Wands

Charlotte Tilbury (CT) has a new line of "wands" out and they are freaking FABULOUS! I tried these when I saw someone talking about them on IG. I wasn't expecting to love them as much as I do, gotta be honest.

A little goes a long way so even though they are on the more pricier side, they last a good while.

Do you know what I love most about these?, how natural they look when applied. I love that soft, natural look from all 3 of these. While on vacation, I rarely use the contour wand, just a dab of the highlighter and blush and im vacay ready. It just adds that subtle glow and rosiness to the cheeks that I adore.

Skin looks fresh and healthy and of course, if you want to look a bit more snatched, the contour wand does just that, easily and with minimal effort involved.

each wand costs £29 (a great investment so your skin looks great but not clogged especially on vacation).


Welcome To My World of Travel & Lifestyle!

Live your best life...

My Bucket List Places

Greece has everything you need for a summer vacation: the Mediterranean Sea, warm climate, delicious food, good wine and many historical sights.
Bali Indonesia. Also known as the Land of the Gods, Bali appeals through its sheer natural beauty of looming volcanoes and lush terraced rice fields that exude peace and serenity.
Due to their underwater scenery and clean water, the Maldives is ranked among the best recreational diving destinations of the world, with over 60 local dive sites across the islands.

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