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Ah Tenerife! I LOVED every minute of it. The estate on which the villa is in, in Costa Adeje area, is so beautiful. Peaceful, luxurious, relaxing…all the things that I want from/on vacation:) This time we just totally relaxed, very little work, enjoyed walks on the beach, went on a hike, explored the town that I think is just the cutest place. It reminds me of Hermanus and Hout Bay in South Africa. Cute, little old fishing village vibe- its a very low key town with the friendliest people.

The beach is a 5 minute walk from the villa and so are the stores and beautiful restaurants. The food was so good, and we had everything from seafood to steak and everything in-between. Unsurprisingly the seafood at every restaurant is exquisite. We spent many a day by the seaside, with a bottle of wine and fresh seafood dishes (including octopus (my first time)). I can’t really say 1 restaurant was better than the other to be honest, as they all have a different vibe, dishes prepared equally well and service is always friendly and good.

Spending days by the water, with good food, plenty of drinks and the best company I could have..thats the definition of the perfect vacation in my books! Of course the shopping and fabulous bikinis that I had (and wore), were a bonus for sure :-p I got the best bathing suits from Shein. Make sure you get on their website and order a bit in advance from your departure date, so to ensure it gets to you on time. I also LOVE their cover ups and beach dresses too. Good quality and great price.

Before we leave gorgeous, peaceful Tenerife, we go nude (well we don’t but we see a whole lot of people who did). So, on our last day there, before going to the airport (as our flight was later that evening), we decided to drive around and explore a bit more, stop somewhere cute for some lunch etc. As we were driving along, we came across a beach not too far from the airport. We thought “this looks as good a spot as any to stop and take a little walk on the beach”. From the car park, it looked like any other beach. We walked down the path from the car park to the actual beach. We walked just a few steps on the sand when I looked over at a women enjoying the waves. I thought “ok, another topless beach” (as is quite common in many parts of Europe), so nothing really surprising there but then I realised “wait a minute, she’s not just topless – she’s nude ie. Naked!!!” haha. This was actually the first time I’d been to/on a nudist beach and I was both curious as to how and why people go nude but also slightly ‘scared’ about where do I look that does NOT expose me to things I did not want to see haha. We, quite quickly, decided to leave and go to lunch (or anywhere else tbh lol). As we walked up the path towards the car park, I look up and further up the path, stood a man, who looked like he could be in his 80s, naked, with his pants around his ankles, buttocks exposed to us. Thankfully his back was facing us (but the couple walking towards us were very surprised and looked down trying to pretend they were not seeing this :)). Mike and I put our heads down, and walked passed him, quickly and made our way to the car. It was quite an experience 😀

I hope I have inspired you to visit this gorgeous little town that has captured my heart. Let me know your recommendations on must visit places (and restaurants).

Traveling the world with Mike, is my absolute favourite thing to do, as we get to explore new places together, and create memories that will last a lifetime. Just me connecting with the world, with the best soul on earth …and beyond 🙂

Happy, Safe Travels

Love, Arita X

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