Hi guys X Today as im writing this, im sitting on a beach, in paradise! The magic of the Maldives! Thats what im buzzing about today. As I enjoy my coffee on the beach, I will attempt to adequately describe the beauty and wonder of this place, while also admittedly eavesdropping on a couples’ conversation🙂 It is pure heaven here, everything you would expect paradise to be…and more.

So first things first, how do you get to the Maldives? From London, its 2 planes, 1 connecting flight and a seaplane away. ( a bit tiring, but anything worth having…) We flew out from Heathrow airport, took our connecting flight via Doha and landed in Male’. From Male’ we took the Seaplane to the Island where we are staying at the luxurious, stunning Constance Moofushi Resort. This resort has everything you need for the most idyllic island vacation. The beach and scenery are breathtaking (actually better than those postcards we often see), the staff and service is nothing short of what you would expect from a 5 star resort like this, the food is diverse and delicious. They also have a gym (for the crazies like me :-D), water sports for the adventurous (not like me haha), game areas, a spa, amazing romantic experiences that you can book for eg. we love the cinema on the beach experience. Just the two of us, watching a movie on the big screen, on the beach, in a secluded part of the island. Theres also live entertainment in the bar, at night, yoga sessions that you can book, in addition to day drinking on the beach of course 😀

The Seaplane on its own is an experience, to be perfectly honest (oh this might be a good time to mention that I am actually afraid of water ie. I don’t like being surrounded by water incl. bubble baths, swimming etc. ) and I of course, get the irony of staying on an Island (both in Maldives and home in England). I was petrified of the entire experience but I thought prior to this, “im going to face my fears” (and im so glad I did).

We land on the island at Constance Moofushi (we land on the water I might add:D). Its an incredibly smooth landing, surprisingly! The Constance team are there to greet us (its the little things that make the entire experience as amazing as it has been). They walk us to reception area, serve us a great refreshing cucumber drink and offer us flip flops (which was much needed at this point), so we could get out of our trainers. After a very quick tour of the island (it takes like 15 minutes to walk the entire island haha), we get to see our room, yay!

Our Rooms – Maldives

As I have been scared of water, we decided to book 7 nights in the beach villa and the 3 remaining nights only in the water villas. They were both fabulous but I must say that the water villa is out of this world. It is definitely a unique experience and quite literally nearly impossible to replicate as currently, these villas can only be found in the Maldives and Bora Bora. When you are walking over the bridge from the island to the water villas, there’s a feeling of total freedom and peace that comes over you. No people, no wifi, just me on a bridge surrounded by the clearest, calmest waters (and the prettiest fish).(tbh I think it may be the closest you can come to heaven on earth:)) When you get to the water villa, the room is tastefully decorated with all the amenities you need (as are with all the villas at Constance Moofushi). Check out the vids and pics below too see for yourself:) The Beach villas have their own little terraces that lead directly onto your little slice of the beach.

Lets Eat

Constance Moofushi Resort has only 2 full restaurants (and a little beach restaurant that you can get lunch from ) Now I know what you may be thinking “just 2 restaurants?”. When we first arrived, that’s what I thought. I was a bit concerned that we would get bored with the same food every day for 10 days (can you imagine ?), but the food was delicious every night. The main restaurant serves breakfast and dinner daily. Breakfast is the spread you would expect from a 5 star resort, everything from eggs (any which way you want it), pancakes, cakes and bakes to the full English. Dinner is themed every night so you can expect Indian, seafood, Maldivian and everything else and they are ALL absolutely delicious. Amazing food and great variety. Lunch can be found at the beach bar restaurant. They have a small menu but really tasty (the burgers were really good ). The other full restaurant is the Alizee restaurant. Alizee is a slightly more upmarket, “dress up and enjoy 5 star cuisine” type of vibe. It has an a la carte menu and a fantastic wine list with incredible wines from around the world including South Africa (which imo has some of the best wine in the world). Like everything on the island, there’s an ocean view 🙂 The menu consists of dishes like leg of lamb, foie gras for starters (Mike’s favourite) and creme brûlée (my fave). I can’t describe adequately how delicious the food is so iv taken a whole lotta pics for you guys(obvs:)) Ps. the bread at Alizee is just so good. It’s served with truffle butter and slow roasted garlic. Just divine.

Maldives Island To do list

So what is there to do on the island everyday? Well the short answer …Lie on the beach , then move to the pool haha. We loved chilling on the beach, by the pool, enjoying drinks at the beach bar , day drinking but there are actually alot of activities you can book (at extra cost). The resort offers snorkelling, The Cinefushi experience (cinema on the beach), night boat fishing, nearby island tour (island that the locals live on), the spa (the hot stone massage we opted for was incredible ), the dolphin experience, glass bottom boat cruise, there are games scattered all over the island, from table tennis to darts, the private breakfast on the water, private dinners set up on the island etc. I have attached a few pics to wet your appetite but you can read all about and see our private island champagne adventure in my next post. (this place is so breathtaking and there’s so much to tell you about, I couldn’t fit it all in one post:)

Packing, Fashion & Other stuff for the Maldives

So a few things I think will help for and in the Maldives. Packing – Bikinis, bikinis and more bikinis 🙂 Its incredibly hot on the island so pack for full on summer weather. Pack a few dresses and skirts for dinner. Loads of sunscreen is a must. The island has 1 very small store where you can buy gifts, sunscreen etc but if they are out of stock of anything, they cannot guarantee when the next shipment will be so I suggest carrying all your essentials to be safe. The one thing I must remind you to take with you (in large amounts), and I can’t stress this enough is MOZZIE REPELENT!! The mosquitos are really annoying and the store ran out of repellent during our stay so I am saving you a lot of bites by trying to remind you to take loads of these with you pleeese hahaha.

Skin – my skin did get a bit oily and clogged up after about a week of being on the island. I think because its so hot, this is to be expected. My cleansers and toners and all the good lotions and potions that I talked about in my previous post saved my skin. I am quite strict with my skincare routine, so I think that this in addition to the fantastic products that I swear by, make all the difference especially in varying temperatures etc, when my skin needs it most. Get the info on all these products here.

ps. how freakin’ amazing does our water villa look?

Stay tuned for my following post with more on our incredible trip and experiences on the island. id love to hear if you’ve been there or would like to or if you have any questions about travelling there, how or where to book, discounts etc.

Happy, safe travels luvs

Arita X

After 10 glorious days, paradise must come to an end:(. Homeward bound. Thanks to Qatar Airways for a comfy, smooth flight to and back.

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